There is a good chance that in the future, physical wallets will die out and you will be storing money on your smartphones, and that money will be crypto!

So ask you’re self, what coin can I buy now, to make it big in the near future? Get access to the best crypto currencies in the world on Muda. From the flexibility of swapping and trading cryptocurrencies, to DeFi and NFT applications on a secure website and smartphone App. Muda makes decentralised finance accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Muda is launching a token to power our eco-system, in order to provide decentralised finance to the masses. The MUDA token will power various solutions such as loans for P2P traders who form the crypto liquidity backbone in many developing countries, allowing millions to access crypto. MUDA plans to supercharge the P2P marketplace with DeFi loans that will be secured using the token.

The token eco-system will consist of anchors will act to ensure network trust is maintained by locking the holdings into a liquidity pool that is then used to endorse the loan request from P2P sellers who would like to increase their operating capital. The issued loans will be used to process transactions and the generated fees will be sent to the liquidity pool as a profit for the anchors and other liquidity providers from the token holders. The MUDA token will be used to pay for fees, secure bonds, mint NFTs and much more.

MUDA is committed to growing financial inclusion through digital assets.